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When you create your effective learning environment,

The effectiveness comes from what you have no control over.

When you talk about the usefulness of your subject,

Its real use comes from something that has nothing to do with you.

The sticking point of all knowledge

Is to be found around the edges of the knowledge that has already stuck.

Focus on what you are bringing to the classroom and you will feel worthwhile;

Focus on what you are not bringing to the classroom and you will be worthwhile.


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Do you know how to live your life

without dividing it into work and play?

Can you respond to whatever comes up

without getting all breathless and flustered?

Can you see through all the confusion

without making things worse?

Do you need a teaching qualification

To love and help your students?

Between becoming a teacher and your retirement party,

do you really have to teach?

Is it possible to let learning happen

without making it happen?

To be a teacher, look after your students.

To be a teacher, forget “your” subject.

Don’t rely upon titles, books, certificates, job descriptions.

Be the best in the class, but don’t be the boss in the class.

This is teaching as it is meant to be done.


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Cramming a lesson with learning

is not as good as knowing when to stop teaching.

Competencies and training

will ruin the best teaching.

All that experience and study

makes you vulnerable.

Knowing how to teach

means that you’re going to get it wrong

Do the job that needs to be done today

then don’t give it much more thought.


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The best teaching is like water.

Without any agenda, it nourishes life.

It flows everywhere – even in places that are supposedly unreachable.

Ground your teaching in the lives of the people you teach;

look deeply into what you are doing;

support your students unconditionally;

don’t lie to save their feelings;

don’t abuse your authority;

do your job – teach;

take action when it is most appropriate.

It’s about working with ignorance, not against it.

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Teaching and learning have been happening for ever.

Why have they been happening for ever?

They are synonyms for living, that’s why!

Because life persists, teaching and learning persist.

The smart teacher hangs behind and lets them proceed as they are going to anyway.

By not insisting on any particular approach

The smart teacher discovers that any approach works well.

Leaving things to follow their path results in things turning out as well as they can.

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Underneath all of our pretence

Is what is. This never disappears.

It can’t be understood

but it is behind all that’s done and all that’s known.

This will always be the way.

Respect for what is makes teaching so much easier.

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When learning something new,

Prepare for frustration and tears.

The best teachers are not gentle parents;

They will leave you frustrated and tearful.

What has to be learnt does not exist without you,

Yet until it is learnt, nothing else exists!

Choose the teacher that says the least.

Stay focused on your goal.

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