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53 – the number of countries in Africa

53 is also the international dialling code for Cuba

I like the concise version of this blog. Pity it took until now for me to work it out…today we learn the the Way of heaven is rather dull and unassuming. However, moans Lao, people like shortcuts over the mountains.  He then goes on to talk about palaces of luxury resulting in empty granaries and weed-filled fields. This, says he, is not the way of tao. If a palace of luxury is an overly-resourced staffroom, I think the analogy becomes clear. When you swan around with your Web 2.0 gimmicks and your interminably dull coursebooks and workbooks, you can expect the fields of the mind to be overpopulated with weeds. Sure, it creates the illusion of progress (Yesterday we did pages 43-45; today we’re doing pages 46-49. Who says we aren’t getting anywhere?), but what did the bear see when he went over the mountain? Google it if you don’t know…I’m an educator – my job’s to help you find the right answer, not to tell you what the right answer is. Suffice to say that our ursine wanderer might have saved himself the journey.

Lao also says that people who obsess over having lots of possessions are shameless thieves. Bloody communist.

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