You can only recognise when you teach well because you have taught some absolute stinkers.

You can only know how far you’ve come when you can see clearly where you started off.

Doing a good job and doing a bad job are part of your working life.

There’s no such thing as the consistently perfect teacher.

Your shortcomings become clear when you know what your strengths are.

Your direst mistakes are usually followed by your most necessary improvement.

So embrace a life full of inconsistencies. Don’t meddle or try to put it all right.

You can’t. It’s bigger than you.

Let things happen and make the most of them;

recognise the fact that your lessons depend on other people.

And when it goes well, don’t ponder it too deeply.

By doing this, you can make sure it goes well more often.

*My original commentary on Chapter 2 is here.

*The commentary on my paraphrased version is here.

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