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An ELT Koan


When Mr MacDougal walked into the class, Juan and Isabel hid their faces behind their books.

“Have you done your homework?”

They hadn’t.

MacDougal tutted. The sound was like crickets in a field of sheep.

Juan said, “But we are making good progress.”

Isabel agreed, “It’s really paying off!”

MacDougal sighed and said, “Tell me about it.”

Would you look at those meddling kids?


When MacDougal woke up for breakfast that morning, he had little idea of what lay in wait for him. He mashed up a gooseberry smoothie and drank it with yoghurt. At the same time, Juan and Isabel were on their way to their class. They had eaten the last cat that percolated coffee. It tasted as you would expect it to. Do crickets live in fields of sheep?


Turn to page 5, there’s nothing there.

MacDougal’s done your ‘ead in.

Christ! Take me to church

In wellies. Would you look at them? 

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