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Uncover the concepts within your classroom

And let each one of them go.

Teacher, student, subject, desks, walls and boards…

spring from what exactly?

As each concept develops and becomes more complex,

at the root there is something that doesn’t change.

Going back to the root, you find stability,

and at the root of stability is reality:

mundane and perfectly comprehensible.

Understand the mundanity and

see things as they are.

Fail to understand it,

remain blind and stumble.

Understanding the mundanity

opens your mind to what can be done.

An open mind leads to compassion;

compassion allows you to lead successfully.

Compassionate leadership creates something that goes beyond all concepts.

Going beyond your concepts is the way to teach.

This way will outlive us all.

You can trust it implicitly.

*My original commentary on Chapter 16 is here.

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