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What do I do?


At the dinner party the guest to his right turned to MacDougal. “So, tell me. What do you do?”

“Err…I’m a teacher,” he guessed.

“Great! What do you teach?”

“Humans,” he replied, only slightly puzzled.

“That’s amazing! Can you teach me?”

He wasn’t even on the clock. And here they were…always scrabbling around for whatever they could get from him. He laughed.

“What do you do yourself?”


What do you do? How do you do? Does a man have to do what a man has to do? Are you really damned if you do and damned if you don’t? What do you do? What? Do you? Do you do? What a to do!


Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou, mon Dieu qu’ils sont doux
Zou bisou bisou

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