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1500 words of vitriol

One of the most interesting things for me about Brexit has been to watch as the curtain was lifted and we have been shown how crude propaganda can be. Either it has always been that way or journalists have lost the ability to be subtle. Given what passes for “journalism” these days, I suspect that it is the latter.

Any episode of the news provides an example of this. Yesterday, an “impromptu rally” of predominantly young people gathered outside parliament (where hitherto it had been illegal to protest…a cynical abuse of legislative power designed to remove anti-war protestor Brian Haw from his site of protest). They chanted E-U-WE-LOVE-YOU, which must be the first time (perhaps since Franco’s death) that the youth have protested their love of a free trade organisation that makes offers which cannot be refused. The TV news anchor made a great job hamming up just how loud the protests were. When the people speak, the world shakes.

The day before, there had been a truly impromptu rally outside of the Houses of Parliament to support the existing Labour leader who was facing a party coup within the confines of the Palace of Westminster.Thousands gathered to show their support for him. It made the news, but speeches were silenced in favour of the reporter’s commentary (look at the pictures, but don’t listen to what they are saying). It did not, however, form the backdrop to the news anchor. It was just an event.

The day before we had also been privy to a BBC interview with the tearful Labour MPs who were betraying their leader. All trotted out the party line about what a nice man he was but how ineffectual he was as a leader. All of them! The first interview was with Angela Eagle. Soft, hushed tones were used to create a sombre, mourning effect. The journo paused and whispered, “This is clearly very hard for you.” Angela, on cue, produced some tears and confessed that, “Yes, yes it was.” For those of you who are concerned what That Bastard Corbyn had done to her, please be reassured that she has now composed herself sufficiently to let it be known that she is ready to fill the breach and has let her name go forward as a possible contender for the leader’s role. As the journo welcomed the two next interviewers to the room, he laid a gentle reassuring hand upon the shoulder of the woman MP. This was clearly hugely difficult for her and we were being invited to offer our empathy and compassion.

Nobody thought to interview Jeremy Corbyn. Nobody thought to toss a few questions towards Dennis Skinner. Nobody empathised with a Labour leader who was elected with the greatest mandate ever known for a political leader within the UK. However, somebody did think to share with us how he got this mandate – a news journalist explained that it was all down to the support of other political groups. The camera helpfully focused on a Socialist Twerker Party banner. No words were said; no words were needed.

We are constantly being told about the rise in racist attacks since the days of the referendum. Some beered up knobheads in Manchester told a (white) American to fuck off back to Africa, thus ensuring national infamy. C4 news interviewed the victim of the knobheads and pushed him like crazy to say that this was a direct result of the Brexit vote. Thankfully, he held back from drawing this conclusion. Poor man. He was clearly traumatised and unable to see straight. During the film of the insults, the guy was clearly very angry. He shouted at the knobs, “Seven years in the military. I would…”. Any right-thinking person was able to finish the sentence for him: “…FUCK YOU UP!”. In my favourite part of the news reportage, the presenter invited us to reflect on this. The man, they intoned, was a seasoned military veteran. He’d seen some serious shit. And yet he had been reduced to a quivering wreck by the [pro-Brexit] racists. Just sayin’…Channel 4 also led into their news segment on the Rise Of The Racists with a siren sound effect. The message, for those of you too thick to get it, is that it’s a goddamn warzone out there.

So far, all of the Leavers that have been interviewed by all news channels have had strong Estuary accents. All have been filmed in shopping precincts, or cafes, in run-down neighbourhoods or in grubby manual working environments. None of them have been able to put forward a particularly convincing argument for their vote (some have publicly recanted). I just wanna put back the Great in Great Britain, said one pie-eater. I don’t fink we should ‘ave all these immigrants camin’ ovuh ‘ere, innit, said a tea-swilling porker. In a stomach-churning act of hypocrisy, the BBC found a second-generation immigrant and essentially said, Look here, people. Here’s one of the ruddy darkies turning on one of his own. They then ran their VT with the guy sounding off about Poles and Eastern Europeans. He didn’t think they should be coming over here. The journo wasn’t on camera, but the tone of his voice left no doubt – if he had been, he would have looked straight into the lens and raised an insouciant eyebrow.

There’s a vile argument than the referendum vote proves how young people should have the vote. The unspoken rationale is that young people are much easier to manipulate and can be easily swayed to believe whatever flowery hippy bullshit about love and understanding that you feed them. Young brains are not yet capable of seeing the world in shades of grey. Everything is black or white. This feature of neurological development makes it much easier to exploit them. We’re told that the elderly -the ones who fought wars and/or survived the austerity of the post-war years- are the selfish fuckers who shat all over the future of the youth (the same youth who were vilified following their beer-fuelled racist attacks on the American in Manchester). Even smart-thinking leftist types are arguing that it is the youth who will suffer most from this vote. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!?! In my experience, it is the pensioners who really suffer when the governments start applying the screws. The youth tend to go about their lives and adapt quite well to whatever is thrown at them. Think back to the red-braces and stripy shirts of 1980s Thatcherland. Was Gordon Gecko a ruthless Young Turk or a decrepit old fart? Exactly.

All of which serves to polarise the community. I feel utterly vindicated by my Leave vote. In part it was a rejection of the values that underpin the EU – I’m alright, Jack, so fuck you. In contrast to those E-U-WE-LOVE-YOU automatons, I fucking detest the EU. I hate the way that it meets in secret and makes laws in secret. I hate the way that it raped Greece. I hate the way that it instructed the heirs of fascism in Spain to go to war against their own people. I hate the way that it champions privatisation and prioritises the health of trade over the health of the people. Some utterly braindead twats may be exploiting the xenophobic fears of segments of the British public, but the EU actually kills people. OH NO IT DOESN’T. IT”S ALL ABOUT PEACE AND HARMONY, trill the airheads. Is it fuck! It told governments to cut back on their spending by lowering wages and turfing people out of jobs. It negotiated trade deals with non-EU countries that enabled EU bosses to up sticks and relocate to cheaper -non-unionised- countries. It is about to sell off national industries to American corporations.

For a look at how the EU operates, just check out their reaction to Brexit. These are seasoned politicos. They are/should be remarkably prescient and responsible. They should be thinking, Sheesh. That vote was close. We owe it to the people to honour their will, but we owe it to the wider community to make sure that this gets managed properly. We don’t want people to suffer unnecessarily and we recognise that behind “The Vote” are millions and millions of lives – some of whom are particularly vulnerable. Let us explore with care the complexities of this decision which we are all aware is unique in world history. We have to get this right. Instead, the leading lights within the EU – i.e. the unelected Commission President (an ex-football hooligan) and the President of the Parliament inter alia– came out and said words to the effect of, RIGHT! WELL FUCK OFF AND FUCK OFF NOW! YOU’RE DEAD TO US AND WE DON’T WANT TO EVEN SEE YOUR FACES, YOU TRAITOROUS FUCKING HOUNDS!

They sicken me; they should sicken you. They prey on the vulnerable and serve the interests of the powerful. It is time that these facts were laid before the public. That they will never be should ring all number of alarm bells.



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