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A New Dawn

The koan

A certain Bowie, first name Derek, was beginning as the new Director of Studies. He had a terrible stutter. The staff went more pallid than an uncooked Steak Bake when they heard Derek wax lyrical about ch-ch-ch-changes. Why did everything have to change? Why couldn’t things just stay the same?

Why, indeed? Who’s asking?


Oh lord, please don’t let me be Miss Understood. The teachers of the Centre were way off-centre with their idea that everything needed to be parked where it all began. Why does everything have to ch-ch-ch-change? Who said it has to? And yet…and yet…it moves. The English file change under threat. But not moving makes you a much easier target. I hear the bows bending under the force of the archers’ fingers. Now I hear a swoosh. I pat my pockets forlornly. Sorry buddy, I say to future you, I don’t have any change on me right now and I thought you didn’t like change anyway? Future you says to me, well, I prefer notes. Take note of this then – Canute tried to teach people like you a long time ago. And then he burnt the cakes. Luckily a spider in the cave showed him the whey to an abandoned bowl of curds. This is the final stop. GET OFF THE BUS, HERACLITUS! The bus? Which one? Oh. We’re here at Argos. Let’s buy Jason a new boat.

This be the verse

And if you think I’m ready
You may lead me to the chasm
Where the rivers of our visions
Flow into one another

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